Getting Started with HeyDo

Before using the HeyDo Cup for the first time, please allow some time for it to charge up and start. The display may not light up until sufficient charge is acquired.

1. Plug the wireless charging dock to a suitable power source. When the wireless charging dock is ready a red light will shine in the middle of the dock.

2. Place the cup on the wireless charging dock and charge the cup for around 15 minutes until the display lights up.

Download and install the HeyDo App from the App Store for Apple devices or Google Play for Android devices.

Apple devices(iPhone, iPad etc):


Android devices:

Launch the HeyDo App by tapping on its icon. Create a new account and log in.

1. Enter your desired account name, password, country code, phone number.

2. Tap on “Get Code” to receive a verification code via SMS.

3. Enter the verification code and press “OK”.

Go to settings and tap on “Pair with HeyDo Cup”. Scan the QR code on the bottom of your HeyDo Cup to pair with it. When pairing is complete a Bluetooth icon will appear next to your username in HeyDo App’s main page.

1. Log in to HeyDo App with your username and password.

2. Tap on the menu icon to the top-left or swipe the screen to the left to popup the menu list.

3. Tap on Setting to enter the Setting page.

4. Tap on “Connect to HeyDo Cup” and scan the QR code at the bottom of your HeyDo Cup to pair with it.

5. When pairing is complete you will see a Bluetooth icon next to your name in the main screen.

This improves the accuracy of the water volume calculation of the cup.

1. Go to settings again and tap on “Calibrate HeyDo Cup weight”.

2. Tap “OK” to confirm.

Start drinking to a better and healthier you! To set your daily goal, select your gender, age, weight and height. The HeyDo App will automatically calculate the specific recommended daily drinking plan suitable for you.
Keep hydrated and stay cool! Set general reminders so that you will always remember to drink whenever you need a clear throat or to prepare your body for rigorous activities. Schedule a sip before an important presentation, or pour a full cup before a session in the gym.

TFT Colour Display Screen Icons

The advanced touch sensor allows you to switch the displayed content by touching the cup. The TFT LCD Colour Display Screen displays meaningful icons to remind, to interact and to give you instant information about your drink.


Water Intake

Water Intake Reminder

Easily create drinking reminders that’ll remind you to drink at scheduled times. Effortlessly manage your daily hydration needs so that you are always on top of your game.

Water Intake

Daily Water Intake

Check out how much water you’ve had for the day. Keep track of your daily water intake and make sure you’re always hydrated with HeyDo Cup.

Drinking Water Purity (PPM)

Drinking Water Purity

HeyDo cup comes with the function of analyzing and informing the user on the quality of water before consuming it.

High PPM Level

High PPM Level Alert

HeyDo cup will notify user whenever it detects high level of particles in the liquid poured.


Cheers Invitation

Invite your friends to a drink no matter the distance. Even if you can’t meet face-to-face, you can always enjoy a drink together with HeyDo Cup.


Beverage Temperature

Whether it is cold beverage or hot coffee, the HeyDo Cup will access the temperature  of the liquid stored in it so that you can enjoy your beverage at optimum temperature.

High Temperature

High Temperature Alert

The HeyDo Cup will alert you if  the water in the cup is scalding hot.  Never burn your tongue again.

Foreign Subtance Detection

Foreign Subtance Detection

Your HeyDo Cup can measure the purity level of water in the cup. If high levels of dissolved particles are detected  in the liquid, a warning will be shown on the cup.

Lid Open

Lid Open Notification

If enabled, opening the lid of the HeyDo Cup will show a warning on the display. This lets you know if your drink has been tampered with and avoid accidental spilling due to open cup.


Social Interaction

Light up your friend’s HeyDo Cup by sending colourful emoticons to them. The HeyDo Cup  can display the most popular emoticons with more available via updates.

Measuring The Purity of Your Drinking Water with PPM


How Safe Is Your Drinking Water?

Traces of PHARMACEUTICAL CHEMICALS and hormones have been detected in the drinking water of 14% of the nation.
75% of INDUSTRIAL WASTE in the developing world is discarded directly into rivers, lakes and coastal waters.
1/3 of the bottled waters VIOLATE INDUSTRY STANDARD for water quality control.
90% of all WASTE WATER remains untreated.
The United states have identified about 15,000 water bodies in the US with NUTRIENT-RELATED PROBLEMS.
1 – 10

Distilled Water Standard

< 50

WHO Quality Drinking Water Standard

< 60

EU Drinking Water Standard

80 – 100

AWWA Water Quality Standard

Measuring your coffee strength and extraction yield
1. In the HeyDo App. tap the menu icon on the top-left and select Coffee Strength.
2. Tap on the Extraction Yield icon to the right.
3. Pour some coffee powder into the cup then tap OK. If the coffee powder weight couldn’t be detected you’ll be prompted to manually input the coffee powder weight.
4. Pour some water into the cup then tap OK.
5. The current coffee extraction yield will be shown.
6. Tap on the Coffee Strength icon to the right.
7. The current coffee strength will be shown.
Setting up your weight loss program
1. In the HeyDo App, tap the menu icon on the top-left and select Set Reminder.
2. Tap on Weight Loss.
3. Tap on the Schedule Reminder toggle to enable the reminder function.
4. Choose the amount of water to drink. Recommended value is roughly 500ml.
5. Click on the plus sign on the top-right to create a reminder.
6. Set the time to around 30 minutes before a meal and frequency to daily, then tap Save.
7. The saved reminder will be shown on the list below.
8. Your cup will remind you to drink the specified amount at the scheduled time.
9. Tap on any saved reminder to edit the time and frequency, or delete the reminder.
10. Tap on the toggle to the right of any saved reminder to enable or disable it.
11. You can create additional reminders to drink before different meals each day.

Keeping HeyDo Clean

Cleaning your HeyDo Cup is as easy as cleaning regular cups. Simply handwash your HeyDo Cup, taking care to clear any stains such as coffee residues, then drain the cup and wipe dry, or leave to dry on a place with good air circulation. You may apply a small amount of dishwashing liquid when washing the cup. Do not wash the cup in a dishwasher as the electronic components may get damaged.

Frequently Asked Questions

Place the cup on top and middle of the dock to recharge your cup.
Please place your cup right in the middle of the dock. Charging via USB from a computer will be slightly slower, so it’s recommended to connect directly to a power source with a phone adapter.
The USB power adapter cable requires a current rated 500mA or more.
A glowing red LED indicator on the charging dock indicates that your HeyDo Cup is charging. At the same time the battery icon on the top right of the HeyDo Cup’s display will show the charging progress.
New HeyDo Cups have High Security Mode enabled by default. To remove the icon, please disable High Security Mode in HeyDo App’s settings from your smartphone.
Lightly touch the sides of the cup for around 1 second to switch the display. You can use the touch feature to view the default interface, water purity, temperature, and water intake amount.
Please check the legend in the instructional booklet.
ppm level represents the purity level of the water. Also called the total dissolved solids(TDS) level, it represents the amount of dissolved solids in one liter of water, measured in miligrams per liter(mg/L).

High TDS levels imply high amount of dissolved solids in the water.

Water from a water purifier should be lower than 10, otherwise filter needs to be replaced.

Drinking water should be lower than 50, otherwise it’s not suitable for drinking.

Purified water should be lower than 10, otherwise it might be fake purified water.

Tap water should be lower than 500.

The water intake amount will automatically update a short while after you set the HeyDo Cup down. If the HeyDo Cup isn’t displaying it correctly, please clear the cup, use the HeyDo App to reset the cup, and pair with the cup again.
The HeyDo Cup is set to a drinking plan of 1000ML every day by default(you may customize it using the HeyDo App). The HeyDo Cup uses a patented algorithm to calculate and adjust the reminder times based on user customization and analysis of water intake level and water intake frequency. The lower the water intake amount, the higher the frequency of reminders, and vice versa.
The HeyDo App can show the strength and extraction yield of coffee in the cup(for more details please check the HeyDo App).
When you have been invited to drink, an icon will appear on your HeyDo Cup. You can invite your friend for a drink in the HeyDo App’s friend chat. After both party completes the drink, feedback will be shown.
The High Security Mode is comprised of two features: foreign substance detection and lid opening notification(only available on S1-X models)
After pairing with the HeyDo App and enabling High Security Mode in settings, once the HeyDo Cup’s lid is opened it will remain lighted until turned off via the app. This complements the foreign substance detection feature with a highly visible warning.
In High Security Mode, high level of foreign substances in the water will trigger a warning that can help prevent accidental dosage of medicine.
Firstly ensure that High Security Mode is enabled in HeyDo App, and secondly the dropped items must soluble in water. The intended function of this feature is to warn when foreign soluble substances are added into the water with a warning icon displayed on the HeyDo cup. The crowdfunding effort allowed for the introduction of a more reliable lid opening notification feature, and as such the foreign substance detection feature is considered secondary.
If profile image syncing is cancelled midway through the process the HeyDo Cup’s display will revert to the default screen.
The HeyDo Cup may be used without pairing with a HeyDo App, but it is highly recommended as the HeyDo App provide more features and finer control over every aspect of your HeyDo Cup.
Scan the QR code on the instructional booklet to download and install the appropriate app for your smartphone. Register and login into the HeyDo App, then go to settings and tap on “Pair with HeyDo Cup”. Scan the QR code under the HeyDo Cup to complete the pairing. If the pairing fails, please ensure that the smartphone’s Bluetooth version is 4.0 or higher. Note that due to differences between Android smartphone models, after pairing via Bluetooth the initial profile image syncing and firmware update may be slower than normal. It is recommended to exit all other applications on your smartphone and retry pairing.
After adding friends via the HeyDo App, you can send emoticons to each other’s HeyDo Cup. You can also send emoticons when conversing with them via HeyDo Chat.
The HeyDo Cup is rated to absorb up to 2kg weight, please do not compress or place heavy objects on top of the HeyDo Cup as it will affect the gravity sensors that provide water measurements. To fix the water measurement, please empty the cup and then recalibrate the cup weight from HeyDo App’s settings.
The HeyDo Cup uses a power-saving TFT screen which automatically controls the backlight to reduce power consumption. To get a brighter display please set the option “Backlight mode” to always on in HeyDo App’s settings. Note that this will reduce battery life.
Turn “Backlight mode” in HeyDo App’s setting on and off.
To ensure a stable data connection, the connector has a notch to hold it in place. When pulling out the data line, please lightly pull upward.
The best times to drink water is at 8:30am, 11:00am, 12:50pm, 15:00pm, and 17:30pm. An adult should drink 2000-2500ml of water per day, or 2700-2800ml per day if doing strenous exercises. Drinking more water isn’t always beneficial as regularly drinking too much water can result in water intoxication with symptoms such as drowsiness, weakness, and increased heartbeat rate, or in worse cases result in uncontrollable spasms and loss of consciousness.

Note: The HeyDo Cup is accurate at measuring water temperature up to plus/minus 3°C from the actual temperature. This doesn’t affect the perceived hotness of the water when drinking. Normal human temperature is 37.5°C, and perceived hotness when drinking water can be categorized as follows: Cold 0°C~18°C, Warm 18°C~45°C, Hot 45°C~65°C, Scalding Hot ≥65°C. Due to individual differences, some might consider 60°C as scalding hot while others are able to tolerate it.