A Cup That Speaks To You

Intelligent Features

Optimum Hydration Reminder

Water is an essential component of your body. Regular hydration with suitable amount of H20 helps to keep your mental and physical state at optimum levels.

The HeyDo Cup’s will remind you to take a sip at scheduled periods so that you are always running in top condition. Stay hydrated, stay cool!


Water Purity Analyzer

Dirty water presents a huge health risk. Making sure that your water is truly clean goes a long way toward keeping you safe.

The HeyDo Cup’s integrated PPM meter analyzes the purity of your water. It allows you to stay healthy by avoiding contaminated water. Drink smart, drink safe!


Brew the Perfect Cuppa

A homemade cup of coffee is a coffee lover’s heaven. What if you can measure the strength of your brew so that you can easily get the taste just right?

The HeyDo Cup’s TDS meter can measure the strength of the coffee in the cup according to the Universal Brewing Control Chart, giving you more satisfaction out of a perfect cuppa. Be a roast master right at your own home!


Water Diet Program

Research has shown that you can lose weight by drinking enough water before each meal every day. The subtle effect of drinking water before having a meal results in natural weight loss without added chemicals.

The HeyDo Cup can help you lose weight by implementing a healthy water therapy. It will remind you to drink the recommended amount of water at the right time, so that you can keep in slim shape with no pain.


Pair Up with HeyDo App

With the innovative HeyDo App you can stay
connected with your social circle and motivate
each other towards a healthier lifestyle!


Heydo Chat

Chat with all your friends and
light up their HeyDo Cups by
sending colourful emoticons to
them. Be social, be happy!

Find My HeyDo

Forgotten where you’ve placed
your HeyDo Cup? Don’t worry,
just use the built-in map to find
where it was!


HeyDo Nearby

Check out nearby HeyDo users
and invite them for a drink or be
friends with them. Broaden
your network of like-minded

Cheers Invitation

Invite your friends for a drink no
matter the distance. Even if you
can’t meet face-to-face, you can
always enjoy a drink together!

Intelligent Design


Leakproof Magnetic Lid

The HeyDo Cup sports a spill-resistant design that is tailor-made for sport activities. With just a simple twist the magnetic lid snaps snugly into place, creating an airtight, waterproof seal that can withstand sudden impacts.

BPA-Free Tritan

Go green with HeyDo Cup. The interior of every HeyDo Cup is lined with environmentally-friendly, BPA-free Tritan copolyester, certified for use in baby products. Unlike cheaper lining materials, the HeyDo Cup’s durable lining doesn’t leech harmful substances into your water, keeping you safe and healthy.

TFT Display

Experience the wonder of multicolor expressions on your cup. The HeyDo Cup’s advanced TFT screen allows the pioneering display of visuals in true color for an expressive social experience all on your cup. Smile as colorful emoticons light up your cup!

Easy Touch Gesture

The HeyDo Cup’s smart touch sensors allow you to naturally switch between displays with light touches. Simply touch the sides for up to one second to view the purity level, volume and temperature of the water in your cup. Accessing the main functions of your HeyDo Cup is as easy as a touch.

Just For You

Customize your HeyDo Cup to your liking. Make it fit your own body with personalized drinking plans according to your age, gender and weight. Set your own picture on the display to make it truly yours.

Wireless Charging

The perfect circle and slight inward slant of the wireless charging dock provides the most suitable place to rest the cup. Just place the cup on top of the included wireless charging dock and watch the cup recharge.

A Cup that Speaks to You

The HeyDo Cup is designed to take care of your health. It will analyze and inform you about the current purity level, volume, and temperature of your water. It will also alert you if the water is contaminated or too hot to drink.

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